A message from Marilyn Emery, Jane Pepino and Paula Rochon

2011 was a year of outstanding achievements for Women’s College Hospital. We are advancing our mandate to be Canada’s pre-eminent academic, ambulatory hospital focused on the health of women. Our mission, to develop innovative health system solutions and to impact women’s health in our communities and around the world, is being realized every day. And none of this would be possible without the vital work being done at our Women’s College Research Institute.

Marilyn Emery, President & CEO
Women’s College Hospital

Medical research underpins all that we do at Women’s College Hospital. Most of our scientists are clinically-based and their research studies are shaped by the needs and health challenges of their patients. So the integration of research, clinical innovation and cultural perspectives is always at the core of our work.

By connecting research with the immediate health issues of the communities we serve, we’re creating new models of care that are helping people live healthier more productive lives. As an outpatient, ambulatory hospital this kind of proactive care – the emphasis on the prevention of illness and the treatment of chronic conditions – is critical to our patients and to the sustainability of our health system as a whole.

Women’s College Research Institute’s influence is being felt more than ever before. Our researchers continue to make breakthroughs that have a direct influence on the programs we create, the treatments we develop and the academic knowledge we disseminate.

Jane Pepino, Chair of the Board
Women’s College Hospital

Our scientists and physicians are tackling some of the biggest health challenges of our time. And they’re being recognized for their wide array of peer-reviewed publications and social commentaries, in the world’s leading medical journals and newspapers

At the forefront of global health research, Women’s College Research Institute nearly doubled the amount of external funding and grants it received in the past year, despite an increasingly competitive funding environment. This is a remarkable accomplishment and is a testament to the quality of their teams and the profound relevance of their work.

The impact of this work will continue to grow with the opening of our new building which is currently under construction and will house both Women’s College Hospital and Women’s College Research Institute. This exceptional new facility will be focused on specialized clinics and surgical suites that have been designed to enable the utmost integration between research, prevention, treatment and education. It will be a new kind of hospital, the hospital of the future. And it will allow our hospital and our Research Institute to continue revolutionizing health care, together.


Women’s College Research Institute (WCRI) is Canada’s leading research institute dedicated to advancing health for women and delivering health system solutions for all. Our growth in funding support in 2011-12 speaks to the increasing recognition of our pivotal role and far-reaching impact. Our achievements are anchored in our high-quality and community-engaged work, and our commitment to embed sex and gender-based analyses in all that we do.

Dr. Paula Rochon, Vice-President, Research
Women’s College Hospital


At WCRI, we know that what’s good for women is deeply relevant to everyone. Healthy families, communities and societies are supported by healthy women. We’re here for women because we’re committed to the health of our whole society. And our commitment to the whole also drives our work to create health system solutions that benefit us all.

We do research that improves health for women and vulnerable people. We engage women and underserved populations in research that asks and answers the right questions – those most relevant to the communities involved. We also support our own people – many who are women – in the advancement of their careers and lives. Harnessing the talents of people across hundreds of agencies and through multiple sectors, we take collaboration and communication to the next level, to share information, involve knowledge-users, educate communities and inform policy-makers.

This uncommon, interdisciplinary and clinically relevant approach sets us apart. And our deep commitment to community engagement and knowledge translation is truly unique. But what matters far more, is that our brand of innovation gets remarkable results. Our work has impact that benefits people across Ontario and far beyond. We make a difference in people’s lives.

As you will see in our Impact + Innovation report, Women’s College scientists nourish the roots of a healthy society, by improving health for women and supporting health system solutions that impact everyone. Through innovation in all that we do, our impact is leading a new way of understanding health care, and better health for everyone.